Zentrum Paul Klee Bern Gegründet von Maurice E. und Martha Müller sowie den Erben Paul Klee
Gespräche 24.08.2013 – 24.08.2013


Lecture Candice Breitz

From A to B and Back Again

In recent years, Candice Breitz has spent long stretches of time producing works in Jamaica, Italy, Germany, Austria, Japan, Sweden, Great Britain, Ukraine, South Africa, the United States, India and Nigeria, typically working with a local crew in each new location, and endeavouring to the greatest extent possible, in the resulting video installations, to respond to the particularity of each local context as it relates to the broader global context in which her work is made and exhibited. Breitz’s immersive practice seeks to capture and observe the nuanced ways in which individuals relate to and are determined by the dense social constellations in which they exist. She will talk about and screen footage from several works that she has made on the road over the last decade, discussing the ways in which her creative practice has been shaped by the myriad of people and places that each work must negotiate as it comes into being.

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Programm August bis Oktober