Zentrum Paul Klee Bern Gegründet von Maurice E. und Martha Müller sowie den Erben Paul Klee
Gespräche 24.08.2013 – 24.08.2013


Lecture Sue Williamson

The past lies ahead: Sue Williamson discusses her recent work

Sue Williamson is one of the pioneering group of artists who began to make work in the late 1970’s that challenged the apartheid government of South Africa on many different levels. After the first democratic election in 1994, she continued to reflect on issues of social history in the country, believing that in order to move forwards one needs the perspective of the past. Her most recent work, ‘All Our Mothers: There’s something I must tell you’ is a multi screen video installation of conversations between the grandmothers of the Mandela generation, and their ‘born-free’ granddaughters. Excerpts will be screened during her talk. 
But simultaneously, Williamson has also been travelling and working with groups in such cities as Havana, Alexandria, Berlin, Krakow, New York, Naples – and Bern - on a project which seeks to understand the essence of place, and what it means to the citizens to live there. This work, too, will be discussed.

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