Zentrum Paul Klee

Art Education

Interactive exhibition

The temporary interactive exhibition with interactive stations provide an abundance of additional information and offer a fun way of transporting visitors off into the world of art at the Zentrum Paul Klee. Daily (except Mondays) 10am- 5pm.


Open studio

For one hour, you can discover new techniques and materials through your own endeavours. Every month the emphasis is on a specific technique from Paul Klee’s world of fine art or sculpting. Tuesday - Friday (12.00/14:00/16:00).


Workshops with tours

The Creaviva offers a great variety of workshops in our studios – for all interests and ages. The workshops join the extraordinary experience of the creative process in the studio with the inspirational visit to see the originals of Paul Klee.


5 Franc Studio

Every Saturday and Sunday (10:00 - 16:30), the Creaviva offers families an interesting opportunity to create an artistic object with the help of simple instructions.


Interactive Guided Tours

The Creaviva offers interactive guided tours to the current exhibition. Through conversations and a creative examination, visitors of all ages obtain an individual approach to the works of art of Paul Klee in a creative way.



Besides the Workshops, open studios and interactive exhibitions, Creaviva offers also courses and tours as well as the Five Franc-Workshop.