Zentrum Paul Klee Bern Founded by Maurice E. and Martha Müller and the heirs of Paul Klee


19.09.2009 – 24.05.2010

Paul Klee. Life, Work and Responses

Paul Klee’s body of work is a biography in pictorial form – even if many of his communications are coded and raise more questions than they answer. On closer examination, however, what becomes clear is the large extent to which Klee’s oeuvre is imbued with his character, his life circumstances and his environment.

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28.08.2009 - 21.02.2010

Paul Klee’s Graphic Work. Eberhard W. Kornfeld’s Passion

For the first time ever, exhibition viewers will be able to see the complete graphic works of Paul Klee in all their diversity. This is in homage to Eberhard W. Kornfeld, the outstanding Bernese art dealer and expert in the graphic works of Paul Klee.

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30.05.2009 - 30.08.2009

Paul Klee. Carpet of Memory

The third Orient exhibition titled Paul Klee. Carpet of Memory brings to an end the «Grand tour oriental» of the Zentrum Paul Klee, which leads through space and time.

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28.02.2009 - 30.09.2009

Dream and Reality. Contemporary Art from the Near East

The second Orient exhibition turns the visitor’s attention to the art of modern-day orient.

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07.02.2009 - 24.05.2009

In Search of the Orient. From Bellini to Klee

This exhibition represents the opening salvo in a three-part series of exhibitions that take the Orient as their theme; the other two are Dream and Reality. Contemporary Art from the Middle East and Paul Klee. Carpet of Remembrance.

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