Zentrum Paul Klee Bern Founded by Maurice E. and Martha Müller and the heirs of Paul Klee


15.10.2010 – 20.02.2011

Lust and Vice. The 7 Deadly Sins from Dürer to Nauman.

A cooperation with the Museum of Fine Arts Bern.

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11.09.2010 – 16.01.2011

Paul Klee. Line, Form and Colour

«Light and rational forms are locked in battle, with light setting them in motion, straightening them, turning parallels into ovals, spinning circles into the spaces in between, and activating the space itself. Hence the inexhaustible variety.» Paul Klee, Diary III . Munich 1908/July

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06.06.2010 – 26.09.2010

Klee meets Picasso

Paul Klee and Pablo Picasso are regarded as modern art's exact opposites - the one being romantic and spiritual, the other being Mediterranean and focussed on the here and now.

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13.03. – 05.09.2010

Paul Klee. Rare Fruits

Paul Klee. Rare Fruits is an exhibition far removed from the usual clichés and fixed images. It presents gems culled from a limitless font of forms, shapes and designs that shed new light on Paul Klee’s oeuvre and his quest for deeply personal means of creative expression.

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