Zentrum Paul Klee Bern Founded by Maurice E. and Martha Müller and the heirs of Paul Klee
Exhibition room - © M. Stollenwerk
Exhibition room
© M. Stollenwerk
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06.06.2010 – 26.09.2010

Klee meets Picasso

Paul Klee and Pablo Picasso are regarded as modern art's exact opposites - the one being romantic and spiritual, the other being Mediterranean and focussed on the here and now.

Klee's poetry and his tendency to use satire and irony contrasted sharply with Picasso's drama, sensuality and pathos. Yet as different as they were, they were contemporaries who participated in the same artistic and historical events of their age.

In this case, Picasso had the more formidable nature, captivating all his contemporaries while provoking approval or antagonism. Even Klee was impressed by the «Spaniard» and his work was strongly influenced by his engagement with Picasso. Klee's artistic dialogue with Picasso reveals a broad spectrum of human reactions - secret admiration and critical distance, appropriation and independence, competition and antagonism.

Now for the first time, this exhibition will contrast Klee and Picasso, and demonstrate Klee's artistic relationship with his great colleague. The exhibition comprises some 180 works from the Zentrum Paul Klee collection and from museums and private collections around the world.

A lavishly illustrated catalogue in German and French will be produced for the exhibition.