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Fünfliber Werkstatt - © Philippe Tarbouriech
Fünfliber Werkstatt
© Philippe Tarbouriech
Workshops & courses 20.12.2014 – 10.01.2016

Kindermuseum Creaviva

5 Franc Studio Kreativ Verweilen

Every Saturday and Sunday and during holiday, the Creaviva offers families an interesting opportunity to create an artistic object with the help of simple instructions.

Every month, materials for a new creation are put out. For every 5 Franc coin (collection box on location), one object can be ‘created’ - and there's no time limit. The Five Franc-Studio is self explanatory and functions without Creaviva staff. However, should you have any questions, our weekend staff will be happy to assist you.

When: Saturday, Sunday & Holidays | 10:00—16:30
For whom: The whole family, no reservations in advance
Price: 5 Francs per created object


Programme from August to October