Zentrum Paul Klee
Interactive Exhibition 17.10.2015 – 24.01.2016

Kindermuseum Creaviva

Interactive Exhibition Trees All Around

Entrance Free | From 4 years old

“Trees” says the Lebanese poet Khalil  Gibran, “are poems that the earth writes in the sky.” With interactive offers for kids and their families we build an arboreal bridge from the children’s museum all the way to the contemporary tree exhibition “About Trees” at the Zentrum Paul Klee. In addition one gets to explore tree creations by seven autistic artists at the Creaviva (more information: www.plattforma.ch). Welcome!

The temporary interactive exhibition at the Creaviva is freely accessible and closely linked with the life and creative work, design techniques and interests of Paul Klee. Interactive stations provide an abundance of additional information and offer a fun way of transporting visitors off into the world of art at the Zentrum Paul Klee.


Programme from February to April