Camerata Bern - © Ursula Sprecher
Camerata Bern
© Ursula Sprecher
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Guest ensembles

Camerata Bern

Founded in 1963, inspired by the idea of a small, flexible formation performing without a conductor, the Camerata Bern developed rapidly into a chamber ensemble of worldwide standing. The 14 members of the ensemble are without exception all qualified soloists and chamber musicians. Their performances under the artistic direction of Erich Höbarth, guest directors Kolja Blacher, Christine Busch or Thomas Zehetmair amongst others, are distinguished by subtle and absolute homogeneity of sound, and a freshness and exceptional assurance in performance style in all areas of their varied repertoire, which stretches from the early Baroque to the present day. Thanks to their versatility and depth of expression, their stylistic assurance and virtuosity, their charisma, enthusiasm, dedication and spontaneity, the Camerata Bern counts as one of the leading chamber orchestras in Europe.

Menuhin Academy Soloists

The Menuhin Academy Soloists are the Chamber Orchestra of the International Menuhin Music Academy (IMMA). This was created in Gstaad as a foundation in 1977 by Lord Menuhin. The main objective is the encouragement of exceptionally talented young musicians from all over the world who play string instruments.

Internationale Opernwerkstatt

Oper begeistert nach wie vor. Sie fasziniert durch Stimmen, Klänge, Gedanken, Emotionen, Bilder und Handlungen. Wie und wohin entwickelt sich die Kunstform Oper? Was ist ihre Zukunft? Junge Opernsängerinnen und Opernsänger müssen ihren Weg inmitten einer herausfordernden Kulturlandschaft finden. Stimmliches Potential, musikalisches Können und darstellerische Persönlichkeit sind Voraussetzung. Ausschau hält Verena Keller, Künstlerische Leiterin der Internationalen Opernwerkstatt.

Tharice Virtuosi

The Tharice Virtuosi is a string ensemble made up of exceptionally qualified soloists, who enthrall through virtuosity, instrumental ability and enthusiasm. In the ensemble musicians come together who are active world-wide as soloists, chamber musicians or occupy principal posts in either famous orchestras or in conservatories. They play in completely unconventional combinations, whereby each individual from the virtuoso ensemble performs soloistically in works arranged by themselves in a completely personal manner. The ensemble is distinguished by a deep human and musical warmth, the roots of which stem from the time spent together in the International Menuhin Music Academy Gstaad with Lord Yehudi Menuhin and Alberto Lysy.