Zentrum Paul Klee
 - © François Pirenne
© François Pirenne

The Ensemble Paul Klee

The Zentrum Paul Klee has set up a resident ensemble to realise its plans for a program of music. The Ensemble Paul Klee is a free association of outstanding musicians who have made a name for themselves as soloists and playing with renowned ensembles; it stands out by virtue of its clear programming line and unmistakable sound both nationally and at the international level. The Ensemble Paul Klee’s programming revolves around Paul Klee, his life and work, in the broadest sense.

The Ensemble Paul Klee has a series of in-house productions to its name. They include not just concerts but also productions performed free of charge in the Zentrum Paul Klee’s Museum Street under the motto “Street Music – Cameos, Improvisations”, a programd aimed at conveying their music to the Centre’s visitors through a number of spontaneous encounters.These productions are inspired by Bern’s tradition of street music and cabaret; they refer to the nearby motorway, which had such a strong impact on the architecture of Renzo Piano, and underscore the significance of Museum Street as a promenade. These works are also performed on other “stages” throughout the Centre, radiating outwards from Museum Street, such as the children's museum Kindermuseum Creaviva or the exhibition rooms themselves.

Another format is that of the “20-minute concert”, which visitors can enjoy as they take in the main collection presentation or one of the exhibitions featured at the Zentrum Paul Klee. These short concerts provide insights into the music currently performed by the Ensemble, and help the senses to perceive the inner link between music and painting.They feature the music that Paul Klee appreciated most, and the music of his contemporaries and music that refers to Klee’s oeuvre or has been inspired by it.

Das Ensemble Paul Klee consists of:
Eva-Rubin Aroutunian, piano
Fabio di Càsola, clarinet
Ivan Nestic, double bass
Kamilla Schatz, violin
Matthias Schranz, violoncello
Kaspar Zehnder, flutist and conductor