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We 03.10.2012

Press release Book release «Paul Klee. Life and Work»

A comprehensive, illustrative monograph on the life and work of Paul Klee.

Paul Klee (1879-1940) is one of the most important representatives of modern art. His oeuvre is as universal as it is individual, standing tall among all of the currents and «isms» of his day. His overwhelming body of paintings, drawings, and other visual works; his letters, journal entries, and, last but not least, his teaching notes form the background for this pointed depiction of the life and work of the meditative artist and visual thinker.

This richly illustrated volume traces Klee’s eventful biography, ranging from his artistic beginnings with caricature-like drawings and nudes, his encounter with the avant garde and the famous watercolors from his journey to Tunisia, the abstract color compositions from the Bauhaus era, to the mysterious, inventive images of his last years in Bern.

Paul Klee. Life and Work
Edited by Zentrum Paul Klee, texts by Michael Baumgartner, Christine Hopfengart,
published by Hatje Cantz Verlag, 320pp., 488 ills., hardcover, € 49.90

Book release
Thursday, 4 october 2012, 6 pm

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