Fruchtland Aussen Lein

FRUCHTLAND is the term we use to describe the area surrounding the Zentrum Paul Klee building and its cultivation. With an arable field, a community garden and many small biotopes, Fruchtland offers space to linger and discover.

We pay special attention to a high level of biodiversity and its importance for sustainable agriculture and healthy nutrition. Multiculturalism is the order of the day: in addition to wild roses, shrubs, rock piles and bee pastures, mixed crops also contribute to increasing diversity. In 2017, the now rare dark bee moved in with us.

Experience a tree guild, our community garden or our honey and the beauty of nature around the Zentrum Paul Klee; linger in our outdoor area, for example in our hammocks, which are available for free use, or on a walk around the building with a view of Bern or the Oberland Alps.

In autumn 2023, our farmer Thomas Wüthrich sowed barley on the field. It is a variety that is suitable for brewing, meaning that the Zentrum Paul Klee will brew its own beer. It will be ready for the anniversary year 2025!


Plan Aussenraum FRUCHTLAND

Illustration: Alice Kolb

  1. Community garden
  2. Apple tree
  3. Deadwood biotope
  4. Fruit tree guild
  5. Show gardens
  6. Dry stone wall
  7. Dark bees
  8. Birch forest
  9. Pond
  10. Main field with barley
  11. Shrubs and wild roses

Digital Guide Inspiration Nature

What does birch bark have to do with tree faces? Why do trees and humans have a dialogue? And how is this connected to Paul Klee anyway?

Klee used to look closely at nature and was fascinated by its diversity and the processes of change and growth that are the basis for all living things. In FRUCHTLAND, Klee's visual material, nature, with its structures and processes, its diversity and its aesthetics is always visible. Follow the pink "peepholes" into FRUCHTLAND around the building and discover Klee's most important source of inspiration - nature - and where it led the artist!

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  • ZPK Fruchtland Mohn

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