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Paul Klee Centre Foundation
- Maurice E. and Martha Müller Foundation

  • Chairman: Jonathan Gimmel
  • Vice presidency: Alex Wassmer
  • Representing the Canton of Bern: Dr Marcel Brülhart, Jonathan Gimmel, Alex Wassmer
  • Representing theCity of Bern: Franziska Burkhardt
  • Representing the Kunstmuseum Bern foundations: Mark Ineichen
  • Representing theBernese Art Society BKG: Franz Krähenbühl
  • Representing theCreaviva Children's Museum / Paul Klee Centre: Ueli Winzenried
  • Representing theAebi-Müller family: Janine Aebi-Müller
  • Representing theFriends of the Kunstmuseum Bern VdF: Barbara Luginbühl-Sieber
  • Representing independent members Kunstmuseum Bern / Zentrum Paul Klee: Peter Keller

as part of the umbrella foundation "Kunstmuseum Bern - Zentrum Paul Klee"

Contact/Administration Office

Pascale Keller 
+41 31 328 09 07
+41 31 359 01 20

Fondation du Musée des enfants auprès du Centre Paul Klee

Operator of the Creaviva Children's Museum
  • President: Janine Aebi-Müller
  • Vice-President: Ulrich Hofmann
  • Board members: Andreas Fiedler, Corinne Mariethoz-Aebi, Ulrich Winzenried
  • Director of the Creaviva Children's Museum: Beat Glarner ad interim

+41 31 359 01 01


Public sector

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Project partners

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Media partner

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Label partnership

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Advertising partner

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