Eine Gruppe von 7 Personen sitzt nahe um ein Werk von Paul Klee und spricht darüber. und

What do I see? What do you see? How do we understand it? The Bilderclub is an open group of art enthusiasts who meet regularly to look at a single work of art.

How does the Bilderclub work?

  • Individual viewing
  • Exchange about the visual experience
  • Interpretation and discussion: How do we interpret what we see? How do I understand the work? What associations does it produce on me? Do we see a connection to the times in which the work was created?
  • Art historical categorisation: The art educators of the Zentrum Paul Klee can provide art historical context for the work on request.

No prior knowledge of art history is necessary. Interested parties are welcome to join in and discuss at any time.

Upcoming events Bilderclub

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