Architecture with Klee

Paul Klee-italienische Stadt-1928 (Ausschnitt)

From Mies van der Rohe to Lisbeth Sachs

Paul Klee's art and visual thinking were influential for numerous architects. Many acquired one or more works by the artist. Mies van der Rohe owned the largest collection. Lina Bo Bardi and Aldo van Eyck acquired one of Paul Klee's many imaginary architectural representations, a selection of which is presented in the exhibition.

Carlo Scarpa designed the Klee exhibition at the Venice Biennale in 1948 and subsequently adopted Paul Klee's artistic compositional principles. The post-war generation of architects, including Aldo Rossi and the Swiss architect Lisbeth Sachs, also began to study Klee's writings and were particularly interested in Klee's process-orientated work. Organic forms in nature became a central reference for her designs and dissolved the rectangular rigour. A special focus is on the works of Lisbeth Sachs, who has been little known to date.

Curators: Fabienne Eggelhöfer, Osamu Okuda

Fokus. Architecture with Klee is part of the permanent exhibition Kosmos Klee.

The permanent exhibition Kosmos Klee. The Collection offers visitors a chronological overview of Klee's artistic oeuvre and presents around seventy works as well as biographical material and archive items, which are changed regularly.
Smaller focus exhibitions with a thematic reference to Paul Klee and his work are shown in one room at a time.

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