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The archive of the Zentrum Paul Klee contains a large number of original documents and extensive scientific documentation. It is a collection, research and information centre open to all interested parties, providing information and working materials on Paul Klee. The archive is continuously being updated and expanded.

Original documents & Objects from the studio

Paul Klee's estate includes his diaries, the handwritten catalogue raisonné, notes from his lessons at the Bauhaus, a large part of his correspondence with family, friends, acquaintances, art dealers and museums, as well as personal documents and photographs. In addition, there is Paul and Lily Klee's original library, the artist's collection of natural objects as well as colours, painting tools and other utensils from his studio.


The library collects all publications in which Paul Klee is mentioned: from the first mentions of the young artist around 1900 to the latest publications and monographs. It also contains all catalogues of exhibitions with works by Paul Klee. Press documentation includes newspaper articles and reviews of the approximately 600 solo and group exhibitions that took place during Klee's lifetime. Reviews of current exhibitions and publications are also being collected.

Work Database

The work database contains the most important basic information as well as images of all works and documents by Paul Klee held by the Zentrum Paul Klee. Through links to publications, the database provides a basis for specific research on Klee's work. The database is the continuation of the nine-volume printed Catalogue raisonné Paul Klee and can be consulted on site by appointment.

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Special Archives

  • The Musical archive collects works by modern composers from 1930 onwards who refer to Paul Klee in their compositions. It currently contains scores of more than 450 compositions, including works by Pierre Boulez, Krzysztof Penderecki, Francis Poulenc and Tan Dun.
  • The Student archive documents original notes and copies of transcripts from Paul Klee's lessons at the Bauhaus and the Düsseldorf Academy of Art. It forms the counterpart to Klee's pedagogical legacy and shows the impact of his teaching.
  • The Media archive collects television, film and radio productions about Paul Klee and his personal and artistic environment.
  • The Reception archive of Klee’s historical influence focuses on Klee's afterlife and the further treatmemt of his work. This includes, for example, advertising and design, literary works or videos and other digital products as well as an oral history archive.

Zwitscher-Maschine. Zeitschrift für internationale Klee-Studien

The Zwitscher-Maschine is a versatile open access journal for researchers and enthusiasts with the latest art-historical research, current art-technological studies and literary or philosophical texts on Paul Klee.

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Bildnerische Form- & Gestaltungslehre

Between 1921 and 1931, Paul Klee taught at the Bauhaus in Weimar and Dessau. His manuscripts include the small book Beiträge zur bildnerischen Formlehre as well as a folder of around 3900 pages of teaching notes.

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