Sarah Morris.
All Systems Fail


All Systems Fail is the most comprehensive retrospective to date of the American artist Sarah Morris (b. 1967). The exhibition features over a hundred artworks – including paintings, drawings, film posters, sculpture and immersive film installations – which foreground thirty years of the artist’s groundbreaking work

Morris is known for her paintings of vivid geometries which form new understandings of networks, systems, economies and architectures. The films, like her paintings, explore the dynamic nature of cities in flux. Morris draws from the Modernist tradition through her abstract paintings and experimental films while examining the macro- and microstructures of the contemporary world.

Curators: Martin Waldmeier, Nina Zimmer

This exhibition was organized by the Deichtorhallen Hamburg in collaboration with the Kunstmuseen Krefeld, the Zentrum Paul Klee, and the Kunstmuseum Stuttgart.


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  • Sarah Morris (1967)   Adnoc [Abu Dhabi], 2016   Haushaltslack auf Leinwand   214.0 x 214.0 cm   Privatbesitz
  • Sarah Morris vor Courtship (Spiderweb), 2021
  • Sarah Morris Midtown – Viacom [Times Square Reflection], 1998
  • Sarah Morris , Film Beijing
  • Sarah Morris (1967), Rio, 2012, Film, HD Digital 1:28:33

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