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The Collection

The art depot of the Zentrum Paul Klee houses one of the world's most important collections of paintings, watercolours and drawings by Paul Klee. Due to the amount and diversity of the works, it is not possible to show the whole collection at once. Klee's working methods make his works delicate and fragile; not only was he keen to experiment in terms of content and form, but also in terms of technique. He used light-sensitive colours, inks and papers. Since Paul Klee was primarily a draughtsman, around 80% of his œuvre consists of works on paper. The collection of the Zentrum Paul Klee as well comprises almost exactly 80% drawings and watercolours and around 20% paintings.

The Archive

The archive of the Zentrum Paul Klee contains a large number of original documents and extensive scientific documentation. It is a collection, research and information centre open to all interested parties, providing information and working materials on Paul Klee. The archive is continuously being updated and expanded.

Restoration & Conservation

The restoration department ensures that the collection of the Zentrum Paul Klee is preserved for as long as possible by means of restoration and conservation measures. Our conservators constantly check the climatic and safety conditions in the depot and exhibition rooms as well as during the transport of our own and third-party works. They ensure that no pests can nest. Numerous works from other collections are brought into the museum for temporary exhibitions. Their conditions must be checked for insurance reasons. Research into Klee's painting techniques and materials is also one of the conservators' tasks, as is the digitisation of the collection, which makes an important contribution to the accessibility of Paul Klee's life work.

Digital Work Database

Browse through the collection, find information on the works and photographs or search for relevant literature.

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The work database has not been updated since the end of 2021 for technical reasons. For questions about the latest literature, please contact

Paul Klee

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The Zentrum Paul Klee is the leading research centre on the life, work and influence of Paul Klee. Find out more about the library, the archive and other research opportunities.

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The permanent exhibition Kosmos Klee. The collection offers visitors a chronological overview of Klee's artistic work.

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