paul&ich was a four-year pioneering project, from 2019 to 2022, to anchor the Zentrum Paul Klee more firmly locally and regionally. What relevance does the cultural institution have for the people of Bern? What role can the Zentrum Paul play for and with the people of Bern in the future? Exchange and co-creation have always been at the heart of the project.

The pioneering project – 2017 to 2022

Since its opening in 2005, the Zentrum Paul Klee has enjoyed a strong national and international reputation. One of our interests in its further development lies in its local and regional anchoring as a lively cultural and meeting place. With this in mind, the pioneering project paul&ich was created with the support of the Migros Pioneer Fund.

Through a variety of participatory processes and projects, we have been seeking dialogue with the people of Bern since 2019 with the aim of anchoring the Zentrum Paul Klee more firmly locally and finding out how art institutions can further develop their relevance in society in the future. In co-creation with people from the neighbourhood, projects such as the Community garden, a Bilderclub, contributions to neighbourhood festivals, discussion groups, festivals and a publication for an exhibition were created, always with the aim of creating something together that is of interest to the local population in relation to the Zentrum Paul Klee. The documentary film that has been produced over the years and the project documentation about the beginnings of the project provide a good insight into this work.

Eine Gruppe von neun Projektkompliz:innen von paul&ich sitzen um einen Tisch und diskutieren.

"The project has increased the sense of togetherness. The museum is also us, as visitors." (Neighbourhood resident and project accomplice)

An attitude for the future

The pioneering phase ended in 2022 with the conclusion of the project, but the attitude remains. We want to continue the dialogue with the people of Bern and will continue to focus on co-creative processes in our work in the future. Since 2023, there has been a dedicated position for participation and cultural involvement. Existing programmes such as the Community garden and the Bilderclub will be continued in the future. In 2024, an autumn festival will be held for the fourth time, programmed and implemented by a working group of neighbourhood residents and Zentrum Paul Klee employees. For future collaboration and exchange with the neighbourhood, another working group is currently developing an exchange forum that networks, reflects and generates new ideas. All of these formats are constantly changing and offer space for new ideas.

We are breaking new ground in our outreach programme, which we also want to continue regionally. We will report on specific projects in due course.

Vision for the future

  • Junge sprüht mit Kreide ein Herz vor das Zentrum Paul Klee, im Hintergrund sieht man bunte Herbstbäume.
  • Eine gruppe von 9 Personen sitzt um einen Tisch und diskutiert angeregt. Im Hintergrund sieht man viele Post-its an einer Wand.
  • Person von hinten vor einem Werk Paul Klees, inmitten anderer Personen, zum Bild hin gestikulierend.
  • Gruppenfoto vor dem Zentrum Paul Klee mit dem Team von paul&ich
  • Zwei ältere Frauen und ein Mann lesen im Magazin "alles wächst". Sie sind sichtlich erfreut über das Ergebnis ihrer Arbeit.
  • Eine Gruppe von Nachbar:innen und Mitarbeitenden des Zentrum Paul Klee sitzt um einen tisch und diskutiert Ideen. Im Hintergrund sind weitere Tischgruppen sichtbar.
  • Bunte Ernte mit Salat und essbaren Blüten
  • blühende Kornblumen
  • Sommerernte mit Zucchini, Peperoni und Kräutern
  • Übersicht Gemeinschaftsgarten im Sommer
  • Eine Frau giesst frisch angesäte Gartenbeete
  • Kinder gestalten Fingerpuppen im Creaviva-Atelier
  • Vor dem Zentrum Paul Klee werden Skulpturen aus Bambusstangen aufgebaut.
  • Aquarell aus Skizzenbuch, das Zentrum Paul Klee zeigt.
  • Kinder sprayen mit Schablonen bunte Muster auf den Boden
  • Drei Frauen beugen sich über Gartenbeet und bestimmen Pflanzen

paul&ich Toolbox

    • What insights have we as an institution gained through paul&ich?
    • What would we do differently?
    • Where would we go down the same path again and what did the path look like in the first place?
    • How should we continue?

    Learn more

    • Networking the neighbourhood and the Zentrum Paul Klee
    • Low-threshold discourse format about art
    • Development of a mediation programme with the participation of those involved

    Find out more

    • Networking of museum practitioners in the field of participation
    • Sharing experiences from the paul&ich project
    • Creating a space for thought and discourse among museum professionals in the field of participation
    • Finding out whether there is any interest in a corresponding exchange?

    Find out more

    • More versatile use of the field behind the Zentrum Paul Klee, which has so far only been cultivated with monocultures
    • Appropriation of the outdoor space by neighbourhood residents
    • Further anchoring and communication of the Fruchtland project by orienting the garden project towards the FRUCHTLAND philosophy

    Learn more

    • Community outreach and invitation to the house
    • Connection between neighbourhood tradition and exhibition
    • Joint project with the neighbourhood
    • Anchoring paul&ich in the programme of the house

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Innovation partner

Migros Pioneer Fund

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